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West King Street 634
Abbottstown, 17301

(717) 586-3120

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brisk walking for health

Brisk walking for health

Running lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels and reduces the risk of diabetes. All three are major factors causing heart disease. Doctors have been running researches to help cure and prevent both the causes and their effects, and therefore heart disease. Regular running has been long

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the problem with joints

We care for joints

The problem with joints is not just a disease of the elderly, but also athletes, the overweight persons and the result of many random and unforeseen accident or injury. Joint problems can lead to long-term illnesses and ailments, which is why it is very important to

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a problem with your health - diabetes

Diabetes - control food

That's what we eat and when we eat affects blood sugar levels, that is why it is very important this level of control, especially if we are sick with diabetes, but not only it. The first thing we should always follow is medical advice and guidance

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