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mustard health benefits

Mustard - Health Benefits

Mustard as a seasoning is added to all kinds of meat, fish, silage and pickles. There are several kinds of mustard - white, black, mustard (used as an ingredient of mustard). White mustard, originally from southern Europe, is a variation of the most mild in flavor and has a very beneficial effect on health.

Mustard seeds are rich in carbohydrates, fat and protein. 100 g of mustard seed is 36 g carbohydrates, 29 g fat, 25 g protein and 469 calories in addition, 5 g of fiber, 520 mg calcium, 300 mg magnesium, 680 mg potassium, 22 mg of manganese and 134 mcg of selenium. The content of selenium in 100 g of mustard completes the daily requirements of the organism at 190%, manganese 88%.

Health Benefits

Selenium contained in mustard has anti-inflammatory impact, which is certainly an advantage, but not the only one. Mustard secretes specific mucus acting anti-inflammatory, so that it coats the stomach wall and also stimulates the activity and improves peristalsis.

Mustard has the effect of:

- Antibacterial,
- Anti-inflammatory
- Painkilling
- Anti-fungal.

It is used in the cold and pneumonia, as well as the lack of appetite, indigestion, flatulence and hypertension.


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