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fatigue is not good for health


During the day it may happen that we feel tired, sleepy and unfocused. Sometimes is enough a shorter amount of sleep during the night or a hard day of work, so the next day to feel the fatigue. Each time such a day can happen. But what if tiredness is with us more often?

The causes of fatigue can be a lot - constantly accompany us tiredness can be dangerous not only for our health, but also professional and private life, so below we describe the most common causes of fatigue and suggest how to deal with them.

Lack of sleep

The main and most obvious reason is lack of sleep. It affects your concentration and your overall health - sleep is extremely important during treatment, because it speeds recovery, but every day is equally important, because it allows our body to rest and regenerate. Adults should sleep between seven and eight hours a day.

Sleep should be a priority. You can not abandon it, and ideally get rid of the bedroom all the things that can distract us from it, such as mobile phones, laptops, or books and magazines. It is not worth a fight to stay awake - if after a long day at work you go home and you feel sleepy, go to sleep, do not watch TV or get out for nothing else, just let your body relax.

Sleep apnea

Sleep apnea causes a cessation of air flow through respiratory tract, or temporarily stop breathing. Every time we followed such detention, a person suffering from apnea wakes up for a moment, even though she does not have to be aware of that. In this way, even if it seems to you that you're sleeping enough, you can not enough sleep. On apnea most expoded are the overweight persons and smokers.

Poor diet

Taking too small amount of food a day results in the lack of an appropriate amount of force in the body, but poor diet also causes fatigue. Healthy eating and a proper diet help to keep blood sugar levels normal. When blood sugar levels drop, we begin to feel drowsy.

To prevent fatigue, first of all, always eat breakfast. Each meal of the day should be rich in protein and carbohydrates. Snacks between meals is also a good way to maintain energy supplies.

Too much caffeine

In appropriate doses of caffeine improves concentration and alert. However, too much caffeine can increase pulse and pressure and lead to feelings of nervousness, or shaking hands. Scientists say that too much caffeine can cause fatigue in some people.

People who have too much caffeine causes fatigue, should gradually begin to reduce her intake - limit coffee, tea, chocolate, or medicines that contain caffeine. If suddenly, not gradually break up caffeine intake can lead to even greater sense of fatigue.


Anemia, or a deficiency of blood, is caused by many different factors. The most basic is blood loss, but also a deficit of vitamins (especially B12 and folic acid), iron deficiency, genetics, side effects of medications and past illnesses and injuries. Anemia accompanied by drowsiness, lethargy, fainting and feverish.

Very often, anemia occurs due to the use of improper diet. Anemia caused by iron deficiency in the blood represents 80% of diseases of this kind. To treat anemia apply supplemental nutrients and vitamins, dietary modification, and uses iron preparations. Products containing large amounts of iron are poultry, meat, vegetables, cereal.


Depression despite the fact that mainly affects mental health, reveals the physical symptoms. Fatigue, headaches and loss of appetite are the most common symptoms of depression. If you feel tired and depressed for longer than a few weeks, you should to contact your doctor. Untreated depression very badly affects general well-being and causes constant fatigue.


In persons with diabetes a very high level of sugar remains in the bloodstream instead penetrate into cells in which it is processed into energy. As a result of this situation, despite the fact that the body adopts adequate amounts of food, do not get energy.

People who constantly feel lethargic and tired with unknown reasons, should be of interest to test for diabetes. With the treatment of diabetes are related to changes in lifestyle - proper diet, exercise, insulin therapy and taking medication to help in the processing of sugar.


Fatigue can also be a symptom of dehydration. The body needs water to be cooled and work efficiently. Before physical activity should drink at least two glasses of water. During the exercise you should taken water, and after them again drink at least two glasses of water. Hydration itself is also very important during other activities, whether working at a desk.

Heart diseases

Incoming sudden fatigue during daily activities, such as cleaning or working in the garden may mean that the heart gets weaker and weaker. Persons who perform simple tasks, which have so far not caused a problem, suddenly begins to make more and more difficult, you should consult your doctor.
Lifestyle changes, medication and therapy can help stabilize the condition of the heart and restore energy.

Fatigue resulting from work

Working the night shift or rotation changes cause the body falls from a natural mode. Such a shift hours of sleep can cause fatigue at a time when you should be awake and vice versa.

In the case of working the night shift, you should avoid the sun at a time when it should be resting, and thus obscure the curtains, have in the room where you sleep, the right temperature and quiet. In the event that such methods do not help, you should ask your doctor about supplements and medications to help fall asleep.

Food allergy

Allergic reaction to food, about which we are unaware, can cause fatigue and drowsiness. People who are getting more tired after meals, may be allergic (even slight) on a product or products that consume. Such light sensitization does not necessarily manifest by itching or skin changes, but it is strong enough to induce fatigue.


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