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Defeat the cold

Fall and winter is a period conducive to colds. The disease affects at that time often paralyzes daily life. Many people can not afford to take off work and it comes with a fever. If you can not go to your doctor and take a few days off, remember to take medication, drink plenty of fluids and unblock nose by salt nose drops. Use a tool to fight colds described below.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps shorten the duration of colds and decrease the symptoms of the disease. One research of the properties of this vitamin has shown that the risk of colds decreased by 50% in people taking vitamin C, exposed to the cold weather and forced to physical effort.. Note, however, that the maximum daily dose of vitamin C for an adult is 2000 milligrams (overdose can produce side effects for example upset stomach).


Broth helps fight cold symptoms in more than one way. Absorption hot steam hovering over the soup clears the nose, and the same soup helps to avoid dehydration. In addition, researchers found that chicken soup has anti-inflammatory properties, so it helps to alleviate the effects of colds.

Hot tea

Drinking hot tea brings similar effects to drink the broth. Inhaling the steam clears the nose, and swallowing the liquid soothes sore throat and hydrates the exhausted body. Black and green tea have very large amounts of disease-fighting antioxidants. You can drink the tea often it is easier to prepare than chicken soup. It is a convenient tool in the fight against colds.

Add to you tea slice of lemon and a tablespoon of honey, possibly a little strong alcohol, for example whiskey - this tea helps you sleep, but remember not to overdo it with alcohol because it can weaken the immune system.


Garlic is a healthy plant with medicinal properties, is widely known that the great fights bacteria. Garlic is very nourishing, and in addition adds flavor to dishes during cold when the nose is stuffy all tastes vaguely.
Garlic can be added to sandwiches, squeeze together the cottage cheese or with honey added to hot milk and drink before bedtime.

Menthol ointment

Wiping and blowing your nose during a cold irritates the skin around the nostrils. To mitigate the effects of a dripping nose should be lubricated with menthol ointment  sore places. Menthol has soothing properties that reduce irritation. In addition, the inhalation of menthol clears the nose and allows you to get rid of a cold.

Moreover,  chest and back can be lubricated before bedtime to warming the body and relieving inflammation, and thus help the immune system  struggling with the disease.

Salt water mouth rinse

Rinsing heavily salted, hot water helps relieve pain and combat stuck in the throat bacteria responsible for the disease. Throat rinse four times a day, the water must be warm, but not boiling, so as not irritated esophagus.

Stripes on the nose

Stripes on the nose, available at most pharmacies, facilitate breathing, when you have a stuffy nose (and also when you have snoring problems). Strip glued to the bridge of your nose before bedtime. Straps allow for better airflow, do not, however, expect that completely unblock nose.

The rest

The best way to fight against colds is spend a day or two days in bed under a thick duvet. A large amount of rest allows the body to use more energy to fight the bacteria. It is important to keeping warm, so be sure to covering up a decent duvet and blanket and without exposing the body to cold (thus your immune system gets extra energy to fight the common cold).


Plant occurring in North America, has many medicinal properties. Echinacea strengthens the immune system, which fights infection. Scientists do not agree on the effectiveness of Echinacea - some say it brings no benefits, but a recent reaches showed that it shortens the length of colds by almost two days. Best to consult a doctor; Echinacea is available as a dietary supplement.


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