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State Street 829
Lemoyne, 17043

(717) 398-1549
Description: Art in Motion creates an environment that encourages community as much as physical fitness. Everything from the staff that knows each person by name to the atmosphere that celebrates each person instead of judging. Participants exercise in a place that comes to feel more and more like a home. A home for everyone—for all shapes and sizes and ages. On a typical day at Art in Motion you would hear the pulsing Zumba music and the participants singing along, you would watch a Zumba Gold class for older adults, and a class of children jumping and shouting and dancing to the music, fighting at the front line in the battle against child obesity with every rhythmic step. So join the rest of us, jumping and singing and dancing. We’re getting a workout, we’re having a blast, and we’re enjoying each other, because we’re all, in our own way, art in motion. Together the partners at Art in Motion Fitness wish to mentor and inspire others. Our greatest rewards come from working with others: •Watching the confidence emerge in clients. •Observing the transition of exercise as it becomes fun and not a chore. •The client that is positively beaming as they declare this is the first time they have jumped in years! •Managing to get past the rough, external walls put up by inner city youth as they gain respect and begin to connect with you. •Witnessing the empowerment, community and overall support that begins to develop among people.

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